Accucold - Power Failure Alarm

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  • Battery-powered alarm sounds in the event of power loss

  • Specially equipped with a hospital grade cord for added safety

  • Compatible with virtually any 115/120V appliance

  • Assembled in the U.S.A.

AccuCold's PF1Kit is a power-out alarm designed to audibly warn users in the event of a power failure. Simply plug your own electrical device into the PF1 receptacle, and plug the grounded three-wire 15 amp PF1 cord into your wall outlet. If your unit loses power, the battery-powered alarm will sound at an 80 dB noise level for up to 90 minutes. A built-in switch allows you to silence the alarm. The PF1 includes a hospital grade cord with a 'green dot' plug to ensure it remains securely plugged into your wall outlet. You can use it for virtually any brand of 115/120V appliance up to 15 amps.


Power-out alarm

80 db alarm will sound in the event of power loss

Hospital grade cord with 'green dot' plug

Secure three-pronged cord for added unit safety

Universal application

PF1 will work with any 115/120V appliance up to 15 amps