Anatomy Lab Essential Flexible Mini Skeleton

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Standing at 35 inches tall, this anatomically correct skeleton is the perfect size for a desk or corner table in a room where floorspace is limited. In fact, with the skull-mounted hanging hardware, this anatomy model has the ability to be hung from your own wall bracket if so desired.

The spine of this skeleton is flexible with soft rubber disks cushioning the individual vertebral column bones. The vertebral foramen house the soft, flexible spinal nerves running from C1 down to the sacrum. The cervical arteries are represented by a red cord running down either side of the cervical spine. The visible herniated disk located between the L4 and L5 vertebra make it easy to demonstrate this type of injury to patients, clients, or students.

Fossa is visible throughout the structure of this model giving it a lifelike appearance with advanced anatomical detail in a model so small. The calvarium is removable along with the legs giving the model extra utility.

The mandible along with the joints of the hips, knees ankles, shoulders, elbows and wrists, can be articulated. The bones in the hands and feet are not individual and form one solid piece.

This anatomy skeleton is great for health and wellness centers, anatomy students, chiropractors, and physical therapists doing patient consultation.

Model is 33 inches tall alone, and 35 inches tall when mounted on the included stand. Model is approximately 7.75 inches wide. The skeleton weighs 3 pounds and the stand weighs 1.75 pounds.