Anatomy Lab Essential Mini Skeleton

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The Anatomy Lab miniature human skeleton model offers a great amount of anatomical detail for an entry-level mini skeleton model. The model delivers a fair amount of the detail when it's compared to more expensive models. Make no mistake, this is a great basic and entry level skeleton! The skeleton's arms and legs are both movable at all the major joint groups€¦For the arm: the shoulders, elbows and wrists; and for the Leg: the hip sockets, knees and ankles all move. The toes and fingers do not offer any movement and the spine, neck and pelvis do not have any movement. Both legs are removable from the model, the arms do not detach from the skeleton. The skull cap and the jaw can remove from the skull, and the jaw offers natural movement. The model mounts to a white base that is 8 x 6 and it is held in place by a pelvically mounted rod. The skeleton stands 35" tall and weighs approximately 4 pounds.