Anatomy Lab Essential Painted Mini Skeleton

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The Anatomy Lab painted and numbered mini human skeleton offers a ton of anatomical detail for a basic mini skeleton model. Several muscle insertion and origin points are painted and numbered on the right side of the model. This model is best for students learning about the muscle origins and insertions on a tight budget. We've even created a useful key to help learn the insertion and origin points. The skeleton's arms and legs are both movable at all the major joint groups€¦On the arms: the shoulders, elbows and wrists; And on the legs: the hip sockets, knees and ankles all move. The toes and fingers do not offer any movement. The spine, neck and pelvis also do not have any movement. Both legs are removable from the model, and the arms do not remove from the model. The skull cap and the jaw can remove from the skull, and the jaw offers natural movement. The skull does not remove from the model. The model mounts to a white base the is 8 x 6 and it is held in place by a pelvically mounted rod. The skeleton stands 35" tall and weighs approximately 4 pounds.