Anatomy Lab Venipuncture and IV Practice Arm Kit and Simulation Arm

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Introducing the Anatomy Lab Venipuncture Practice Arm, an easy to use system for practicing both venous blood draws and IV catheter insertions. The Anatomy Lab IV Practice Arm was designed in collaboration with and field-validated by a veteran nursing instructor, students will be able to practice visualizing and palpating areas for precise venipuncture on an anatomically accurate simulator.

The life-like skin and antecubital veins allow for hundreds of practice simulations by resealing after venipuncture. Injection training for intravenous injection made simple: this simulator also supports the use of a variety of needles to draw blood and insert IV catheters.

Upon correctly accessing the vein, the student will be able to draw back blood thanks to the artificial blood circulating through the venous system.

Venipuncture blood draws are one of the most commonly performed hospital procedures in the world. This premium simulator with its realistic look and feel is designed to give healthcare providers a real-world experience and the ability to develop and perfect venipuncture skills before performing on a patient.

This simulator is ideal for students of healthcare professionals including phlebotomists, clinical assistants, EMT’s, paramedics, nurses, and physicians. Our Training Arm is delivered in a reusable box with aa detailed set up, use, and care instruction manual.