Baum Roll-By Mobile Aneroid, #1150

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  • 300 mmHg clinical sphygmomanometer for mobile use.
  • Meets the American National Standard ANSI/AAMI SP-10 for accuracy and performance (1% + / – 3 mmHg).
  • Available with Latex or Non-Latex components.
  • Unique, low reflection, high contrast scale and red pointer to increase visibility and reduce parallax error.
  • Diecast Aluminum 5-wheel base (20” dia.) with 2” hooded casters and 2 lb. cast iron weight for increased stability.
  • manometer housing is mounted at a 20º angle for ease of viewing
  • Heavy gauge machined aluminum


Accurate: The Calibrated® V-Lok® system clearly indicates wheether or not the correct size cuff is being used. The center of the bladder is clearly marked on the inner and outer surfaces of rhe cuff for correct application on either the right or left limb.
Comfortable: Cuffs conform to the shape of the limb and have no hard, stiff edges
Durable: Baum cuffs are made of tightly woven, heat set Dacron™ polyester fabric. They are souble stitched at critical points for long wear and treated with an effective anti-microbial agent.
Guaranteed: Latex and Non-Latex inflation bags, bulbs and tubing are guaranteed for five years.

Includes: Calibrated® V-Lok® Inflation System, 8 feet of Extendex® Tubing, 5 Wheel Base and Large Circular Basket