Boost Oxygen, Natural, 3 liter

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Oxygen to Go! Our best selling all-natural respiratory support. Boost Oxygen 95% Pure Supplemental Oxygen. Available in flavorless, odorless Natural in 3 Sizes:

  • 3 Liter Pocket Size (60 one-second inhalations – enough for a day trip or “on the go” & includes our popular mouthpiece)
  • 5 Liter Medium (100 one-second inhalations – recommended for daily home use)
  • 10 Liter Large (200 one-second inhalations – recommended for weekly home use)

Boost Oxygen provides pure, all-natural respiratory support that is safe and effective. Unlike caffeine and other stimulants that can potentially harm the body with extended use, Boost Oxygen offers supplemental Oxygen in non-prescription form. Oxygen is essential to every cell in your body. Help Is Here!