Braun Thermoscan Pro 6000 Ear Thermometer w/ Small Cradle

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  • Innovative PerfecTemp™ technology adjusts for variability in probe placement
  • ExacTemp™ technology detects stability of the probe during measurement
  • Designed to take quick and accurate readings, to improve patient satisfaction
  • 60 second pulse timer assists with manual measurement of pulse rate, respiration
  • Electronic security features help prevent theft, loss
  • Optional charging station stores 200 probe covers, with rechargeable battery
  • 6- or 9-foot security tether options keep device attached to cradle

Why measure in the ear?

Clinical studies have shown that the ear is an excellent site for measurement as temperatures taken in the ear reflect the body's core temperature.
Advantages of measuring the ear include ease of access and speed.
Less invasive for the patient than oral, axillary or rectal temperature measurements.
No mucus membrane contact.
Staff can quickly capture measurements in the ear, even with challenging patient populations.

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