Disposable Isolation Coveralls - XL

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Disposable Isolation Coveralls with Hood. Minimal barrier protection - product tested and compliant with AAMI Level 1. Product tested for AATCC 42-2017 - All critical zone components have a blotter weight gain of no more than 1g. Fabric only, tested for AATCC 127-2018 , has a hydrostatic resistance of >50cmH2O. Alert: We have not confirmed that this product meets applicable standards for medical use. This coverall is not intended for use in healthcare settings.

Full Coverage

Basic protection from bacteria and particulate.

Front with zipper,easy for wearing.Fit comfortably over the body, long sleeves.

Anti-fog, water-proof, oil-proof, isolation protective clothing,provides economical, comfortable and reliable protection.

Material 100% polypropylene with PE membrane

Made from Polypropylene with PE coating.Light-weight,breathable for user comfort and barrier protection.

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