DynaGinate Calcium Alginate Dressings, 2" x 2", 10/bx

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Dynarex’s DynaGinate Calcium Alginate Dressings change to a fibrous gel when in contact with wound exudate to create an optimal moist wound environment important for optimal healing. Calcium alginate encourages natural debridement. As the dressing transforms into a soft gel sheet it contours closely to the wound bed and does not adhere to the wound.
Alginate dressings are a primary dressing and can be used to treat bedridden patients, diabetics or patients with chronic venous insufficiency. Best suited for wounds that require prompt treatment to prevent infection or damaged skin tissue, bones and/or muscle at wound stages 3 and 4.
  • Changes to a fibrous gel when in contact with wound exudate, creating a moist wound environment.
  • Contours to the wound bed and will not adhere to the wound upon removal.
  • High-absorbency dressing used for heavily exuding wounds.
  • Primary dressing ideal for the management of partial- and full-thickness wounds at stages 3 or 4.

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