Vapor Line Integrators - 250's

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Vapor Line® Integrators monitor all of the critical parameters of steam sterilization.

- Type 5 Chemical Integrator for Steam Sterilization, for use inside every pack

- Black ink reaches "Pass" area indicates sterilization conditions have been met

- Available with or without extender

Vapor Line® Chemical Integrator is a chemical indicator for monitoring essential conditions of steam sterilization. Vapor Line® AAMI/ANSI/ISO 1140-1 Type 5 integrator, it is designed to show equivalence in performance to biological indicators.

During sterilization, the dark brown/black bar migrates along a paper wick from FAIL into the PASS area, indicating that sterilization conditions were met. PASS results indications that conditions in the sterilized pack were sufficient to kill even the most resistant forms of microorganisms, plus a "overkill period". The "overkill period" is a safety zone beyond the spore death curve for an additional level of sterilization security.

For use in sterilization cycles 250°F(121°C), 270°F(132°C), 273°F (134°C).