238-2 Welch Allyn MacroView Basic LED Otoscope

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The Welch Allyn MacroView and LED otoscopes are intended to be used by clinicians and medically qualified personnel for examination of the external ear, ear canal, and tympanic membrane under illumination and magnification on pediatric and adult patients. The otoscope is also intended to assess the flexibility of the tympanic membrane through air pressure and for general illumination of the oral and nasal cavities.

The intended use environments for the Welch Allyn MacroView and LED otoscopes are professional healthcare facility environments such as general physician's offices, hospitals, specialists, urgent care, clinics, and clinical environment training.

Contraindications: The Welch Allyn MacroView and LED otoscopes are not intended to be used to examine the eye.

WARNING: Patient injury risk. Do not use otoscope without attaching a specula tip as this can cause ear injury or cross-contamination.

WARNING: Cross-contamination risk. Do not reuse disposable specula tips as this may spread contamination from one patient to another patient.